Pre-Kindergarten at Bloom Academy

Each of our Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) classrooms accommodates 15 to 20 children and is staffed with two experienced and motivated teachers. Each of our teachers is trained in the Florida state standards for four year olds and kindergarten readiness. The year before kindergarten is very important for children.

At Bloom Academy, we strive to create a feeling of excitement about school and instill confidence that will follow them into kindergarten.

Weekly lesson plans and continual assessments correlate with the state standards and ensure that each child is given the chance to acquire a great academic and behavioral foundation for kindergarten.

Children transitioning into our VPK program will experience an increased focus on all developmental areas including language & literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. This program allows children to be better prepared to enter kindergarten and confidently follow the daily routines and manage their behavior.


Quick Facts About our VPK Program

  • Our Pre-K children are known as the Orange Owls
  • Our Pre-K children range in age from 4 to 5 years old
  • Bloom provides healthy and nutritious meals and snacks
  • Child safe sunscreen and bug spray provided
  • All Pre-K rooms have a low teacher to child ratio
  • Pre-K children enjoy twice-daily visits to our “Big Nest” playground with eco-friendly artificial turf, water, and sensory activities
  • Introductory garden skills are integrated into the curriculum
  • Positive discipline and behavior management are consistently encouraged