History & Child Care Philosophy


It wasn’t until the end of a six-month maternity leave that Casey Kennedy, Owner of Bloom Academy, was faced with what she now knows as the most life changing decision she would ever make.

"Where will my own son go to school?"

After looking at her options, she knew she had found her place in the community. It became her mission to create a preschool that would meet the needs of her generation of millennial moms, a place where parents could leave their children and be rest-assured that they were getting the best care, in the best environment, in a place that could be their home away from home.

It was only a couple of months after her son’s first birthday, that the doors were opened on April 30, 2012, to the very first Bloom Academy in Punta Gorda.

Within 1 year, the first Bloom location was bursting at the seams with love (& children).

A few years later, in January of 2018, our second location in Babcock Ranch was opened and was also bursting at the seams with love (& children), very quickly.

In early 2022, our team was given the opportunity to open a third location, Harborside in Port Charlotte. In the midst of opening Harborside, Casey also acquired a fourth location, East Town. 

Bloom has become the early child care leader in Southwest Florida, our goal is to become the leader in high quality child care in the entire state of Florida, while also becoming the BEST employer in the industry for early childhood leaders and educators looking for growth within the field. We strive to provide growth from within, allowing our team members to thrive RIGHT here!

Our Mission and Core Values are at the Foundation of Everything We Do

At Bloom Academy, our mission is to exceed expectations and provide a high-quality child care experience to students, parents and early childhood educators. We are committed to fostering strong relationships, loyalty, and trust within our community. Our goal is to create an aesthetically appealing and nurturing environment that promotes continuous growth for our staff and students. We strive to empower our students, preparing them to become confident and prepared individuals.


Rooted Together

Fostering loyalty and trust forms our foundation. Just as tree roots anchor and interconnect, loyalty nourishes while trust flourishes. Through shared learning and play, our preschool creates enduring bonds and togetherness that lasts.


Cultivating Independence

We cultivate the spirit of self-drive and self-sufficiency staff, students and families. We celebrate the courage to try, even if it means failing sometimes, and we embrace feedback as a pathway for success.


Radiant Connection

We nurture an environment where love, care, and happiness create radiant connections among our staff, families, and students. Together, we form a community that shines with positivity and shared joy.


Blossoming Growth

We embrace the journey of learning and growth every day. We persistently strive to enhance the achievements of our students and staff, blooming a community where progress is a shared endeavor.


Children are provided with all wholesome snacks with a focus on healthy and nutritious options, avoiding processed meats, etc.


Low teacher to child ratios.


Bloom has partnered with Mama Bear & other companies to supply all natural diapers, wipes, creams, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.


Infants in care are supplied with organic formula and baby foods, while preschoolers are served organic meals & snacks.


A crew of cleaning fairies visits the school each night to clean & sanitize with earth friendly, plant and vinegar-based products, along with chlorine free bleach - followed by fogging with our Net-Zero fogging machine.


We are a FAMILY!


We provide a team approach to child care; parents are a BIG part of the process.


Lead teachers have Florida Child Care Professional Credential.


See What Our Raving Fans Have To Say...

Bloom Academy is the #1 reviewed child care and preschool education facility in Charlotte County.

"Could not be more in love with this school. Even on tour day, my son wanted to hop on in and just get started. The facility itself, and all the ladies, are just amazing."

Rachel Gray, Parent

"The entire school smells and looks so clean. The staff is wonderful and my child feels so happy going to and coming from school each day. Thank you Bloom for taking such sweet care of my girl."

Jennifer Wolf, Parent

"With last year, now this year and all of the challenges it has brought forth. Blooms staff has always had a smile on their faces and welcoming arms. Kim and Jenna are always kind and helpful and help with any situations. Our kids Teachers, Kathy, Aston and Kate go above and beyond."

Sheena Ogden

"Our four year old started VPK at Bloom FS last year and not only is he thriving, but he loves school and adores the staff. As parents, we love Bloom FS and all of the staff too. Everyone is so friendly, great with our son, and the communication is outstanding. I would recommend Bloom FS to any and everyone!"

Elizabeth Koger

"Our daughters go to Bloom Part Time, and they just started two weeks ago. They’re amazing. We love everything they stand for, and can’t wait to see our girls grow with the Bloom family"

Melissa Lee

"Our family loves bloom! All the teachers & staff are amazing ❤️"

Tracy McComiskey

"I have over 25 years experience in the Child Care business. It is a blessing to be able to work for someone who extends that Care to employees and the families of the children also. Casey, Bloom’s founder and owner, truly cares about her staff as well as the children and their families."

Ms. Donna

"Our 2.5 year old has been going to Bloom in Babcock Ranch for about 3 weeks now and she comes home happy every day saying she loves her new school!"

Jason Caissie

"Wonderful teachers and staff, my daughter loves going to school , making new friends and is learning at such an amazing rate. Thank you!!!"

Liz Shirey

"I can not say enough about the staff and facilities at Bloom academy. I state of the art facility and teachers who love the children as their own."

Travis Kuykendall

"Best decision we ever made as parents was to put our little one at Bloom!"

Gisela Bouvier

"The best school ever!"

Fernanda Borille

"Bloom is an excellent new, clean, and beautiful facility. The staff are intelligent, caring, and knowledgeable."

Todd Carey

"Our daughter loves going to school here and it is a very well run school"

Craig Gunderson

"Best decision I ever made."

Tatiana Rios-Fontaine

"Great school they take great care of my grandson"

Terri Runkle