Food & Nutrition

Everything we do at Bloom Academy is with much thought. The food we provide and serve to everyone is not exception!

Most will agree a healthy lifestyle can and should be developed at a young age. We start by making sure all our meals and snacks are well balanced. We do our best to avoid adding sugars, salts and making sure to incorporate fruits and veggies as well. Along the way, we can have some culinary fun and introduce them to tastes and textures they might not otherwise have explored.

It’s very important to us at Bloom that the meals and snacks we serve are of the same quality we would make at home for our own children. You can relax knowing your child is getting the best while with us at Bloom.

Just like all our programs at Bloom, our meals and menu are well thought out.


Meal Details

  • Bloom is a peanut free facility
  • Bloom provides morning snack, lunch, & afternoon snack
  • School agers are offered breakfast prior to departing for school
  • Morning snack is served between 8:30 - 9 AM daily
  • Lunch is served between 11 - 12:30 PM daily
  • Afternoon snack is served between 2 - 3:30 PM daily
  • Lunch and afternoon snack are served youngest to oldest classrooms
  • Packed lunches are not necessary, but if brought, must be insulated & cooled, labeled with first/last names, and dropped off at the front desk
  • Please ask your child’s teacher about bringing in a water bottle

See What Our Raving Fans Have To Say...

Bloom Academy is the #1 reviewed child care and preschool education facility in Charlotte County.

"Could not be more in love with this school. Even on tour day, my son wanted to hop on in and just get started. The facility itself, and all the ladies, are just amazing."

Rachel Gray, Parent

"The entire school smells and looks so clean. The staff is wonderful and my child feels so happy going to and coming from school each day. Thank you Bloom for taking such sweet care of my girl."

Jennifer Wolf, Parent

"With last year, now this year and all of the challenges it has brought forth. Blooms staff has always had a smile on their faces and welcoming arms. Kim and Jenna are always kind and helpful and help with any situations. Our kids Teachers, Kathy, Aston and Kate go above and beyond."

Sheena Ogden

"Our four year old started VPK at Bloom FS last year and not only is he thriving, but he loves school and adores the staff. As parents, we love Bloom FS and all of the staff too. Everyone is so friendly, great with our son, and the communication is outstanding. I would recommend Bloom FS to any and everyone!"

Elizabeth Koger

"Our daughters go to Bloom Part Time, and they just started two weeks ago. They’re amazing. We love everything they stand for, and can’t wait to see our girls grow with the Bloom family"

Melissa Lee

"Our family loves bloom! All the teachers & staff are amazing ❤️"

Tracy McComiskey

"I have over 25 years experience in the Child Care business. It is a blessing to be able to work for someone who extends that Care to employees and the families of the children also. Casey, Bloom’s founder and owner, truly cares about her staff as well as the children and their families."

Ms. Donna

"Our 2.5 year old has been going to Bloom in Babcock Ranch for about 3 weeks now and she comes home happy every day saying she loves her new school!"

Jason Caissie

"Wonderful teachers and staff, my daughter loves going to school , making new friends and is learning at such an amazing rate. Thank you!!!"

Liz Shirey

"I can not say enough about the staff and facilities at Bloom academy. I state of the art facility and teachers who love the children as their own."

Travis Kuykendall

"Best decision we ever made as parents was to put our little one at Bloom!"

Gisela Bouvier

"The best school ever!"

Fernanda Borille

"Bloom is an excellent new, clean, and beautiful facility. The staff are intelligent, caring, and knowledgeable."

Todd Carey

"Our daughter loves going to school here and it is a very well run school"

Craig Gunderson

"Best decision I ever made."

Tatiana Rios-Fontaine

"Great school they take great care of my grandson"

Terri Runkle