at Bloom Academy

Each of our Preschool classrooms accommodates 16-19 children and is staffed with two very inspiring and qualified teachers. The goal of Bloom’s 3 year old preschool program is to prepare each student for pre-kindergarten by facilitating clear goals and reinforcing routines. This supports the academic growth necessary to succeed in the coming school year.

Weekly lesson plans and continual assessments guide the teachers in providing an environment that differentiates instruction to allow each child to achieve essential learning milestones.

Children are introduced to pre-reading skills, centers and many other group activities that begin to prepare them for pre-kindergarten.

Preschoolers are provided with an environment and routines that model appropriate pre-kindergarten behavior and promote learning through daily experiences.


Quick Facts About our Preschool Program

  • Our Preschoolers are known as the Blue Birds
  • Our Preschoolers range in age from 3 to 4 years old
  • Bloom provides organic meals & snacks
  • All preschool rooms have a low teacher to child ratio
  • Preschoolers enjoy twice-daily visits to our “Big Nest” playground with eco-friendly artificial turf, water and sensory activities
  • Introductory garden skills are integrated into the curriculum