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Bloom Academy prides itself on providing a stress free child care option for parents in Charlotte County. Children are provided with all meals, snacks, and individual nap cots/cribs in an environment that was designed with them in mind. We are very intentional in regards to our selection of diapers, wipes, creams, sunscreens, bug spray etc. Infants are cared for and supplied with an organic formula and baby foods that are mindful of the ingredients and use of DHA and additives while preschoolers are served healthy, well balanced meals and snacks that are prepared on site.

Our amazing cleaning crew visits the school each night to carefully clean and sanitize all the nooks and crannies. While your child is at Bloom, you can rest assured that your child is in a healthy, clean environment.

When you are considering schools and comparing them for your children, please take the time to ask questions and read our parent reviews about Bloom. Our school is a family and THAT is what sets us apart. We are sure you will love our school as much as your kids do!

What makes Bloom Academy the best option for your child?

  • A warm and friendly setting where each child is cared for
  • Quality educational programs led by qualified and carefully selected teachers
  • Staff that is experienced and thoughtful in designing activities for the children
  • Amazing food and snacks carefully prepared on site
  • We encourage parents to get involved, helping develop the learning experience for their child
  • Extra support services for parents include advice for healthy eating and training opportunities

This is just a small list, schedule now to reserve your tour at one of our campuses!

We Are Accredited

APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) is a national early learning program accreditation. With over 1,000 accredited programs and many more engaged in the process, APPLE is one of the largest accrediting agencies for early learning centers. In Florida, APPLE is accepted as one of Florida’s Gold Seal Quality programs. APPLE is designed to work well for all types of facilities, small centers, privately owned, faith-based, or corporate programs. Studies show the positive effects of high-quality early learning centers on the physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, and emotional outcomes of young children. The APPLE program will raise your center to a level of quality that will enable you to better serve the children and their families.

APPLE was developed by owners and operators of early learning centers and is grounded in the unique perspective of the business of childcare. The owner/management team has the greatest impact on the quality of any early learning center, and the developers of the APPLE program recognized the importance of balancing the standards to improve quality and the financial impact it may have on the children and families served. This certification is just one way we make sure we offer the best programs available for your children!

Currently, our Punta Gorda campus is accredited, and all other schools are working towards accreditation.


See What Our Raving Fans Have To Say...

Bloom Academy is the #1 reviewed child care and preschool education facility in Charlotte County.

I’m So Happy I Chose Bloom Academy!!

Very nice staff!! Warm & welcoming environment!! I’m so happy I chose Bloom Academy for my son’s first school experience!! – Parent

My kid loves going to camp here

I cannot say enough great things about this place. The staff here is so awesome and caring, my kid loves going to camp here and has learned a lot. They use the latest technology to make it easy to see what your kid is doing all day you get photo updates via the app they use making it easy to see what your kid is doing all day. – Robyn Medlin Lindars

Bloom is an excellent new clean, and beautiful facility

Bloom is an excellent new, clean, and beautiful facility. The staff are intelligent, caring, and knowledgeable. – Todd Carey

Teachers Genuinely Love Your Children

When I was looking for a school for my daughter, I wanted a safe place for her to go and a place that will teach and love her. FOUND IT! My husband and I chose Bloom with out a doubt. It’s a family oriented school and the staff and the teachers genuinely love your children. The children learn there. It not chaos when you pick up your child, they are actively engaged in an activity. My husband and I love having her there. – Monique Barnes