The Bloom Academy Location Advantage

Bloom Academy offers two complementary design models — Boutique and Signature — designed to excel in both high and low population density settings.

Real Estate Selection Process

Our experienced and knowledgeable real estate team works closely with you to identify suitable locations for your Bloom franchise. With a focus on your top areas of interest that meet Bloom’s selection criteria, they prepare a target market study on the selected markets and provide an initial site search package.

From there, the team will work with you to narrow down the sites for your Bloom franchise into a “short list,” and present these to Bloom to gain their approval for the location(s). Once approved, the team will represent you in the preparation of a draft Letter of Intent for your preferred site and facilitate the negotiations with the seller or landlord to acquire or lease the site.

Bloom Academy Boutique

The Boutique model is designed as a premium childcare experience for discerning parents seeking both care and development for their child. The uniquely low student-teacher ratio offers children individual teacher attention designed to improve cognitive, physical, social and emotional development, thereby elevating the prestige and demand for the learning school. The Boutique model offers a lower cost to entry, more flexibility in site selection and a short lead time and development stage.

The Boutique Model:

  • Ranges in size between 4,000-7,000 square feet.
  • Serves between 60-110 students.
  • The flexibility of the Boutique model accommodates a wider range of real estate locations in highly dense areas.
  • Long term lease or existing building compatible.
  • The Boutique franchise fee is $50,000 for the initial location, followed by reduced fees for the additional two locations.
  • We expect Boutique franchisees to develop three locations in a geographical area, however, we will consider a single unit deal based on the market and other factors.
  • Discounts on initial franchise fees are available for educators, military and first responders.

Bloom Academy Signature

The Signature model is how Bloom Academy got its start. Created for suburban communities, the Signature model is robust, offering greater size, larger class sizes, yet with the personal care and developmental approach that is the signature of Bloom Academy.

The Signature Model:

  • Is approximately 12,000 square feet on 1.5 – 2.0 acres of land.
  • Has the capacity for 200 to 225 students.
  • Option to own or lease your real estate and building. 
  • Offers parents the confidence that it can fill the gaps that exist today in suburban, high and low density areas.
  • The Signature franchise fee is $70,000 with options for a multi-store agreement and those additional locations are available at a reduced franchise fee.
  • We also offer discounts on initial franchise fees for educators, military and first responders.

Available Territories

Getting in on the ground floor has many benefits and real estate is one of them. We have tier-1 markets and locations available for your Bloom franchise that offer premium market positioning with premium tuition rates.

Boutique and Signature Model

  • Tampa
  • Ft. Myers
  • Bradenton
  • Sarasota
  • Orlando
  • Gainesville
  • Jacksonville
  • Tallahassee
  • West Palm Beach
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Athens
  • Savannah
  • Augusta

Don’t see your city? Contact us and let’s discuss.

School Start-up Journey

From Orientation to Build-out

Step 1: Orientation

Within the first 30 days of executing your Bloom franchise agreement, we’ll host you for orientation to kick things off. Following orientation you’ll work with our real estate team.

Step 2: Site Selection

Following orientation, we’ll move into site selection and gain Bloom Academy’s approval of your site. This takes approximately 90 days for the Boutique model and approximately 150-180 days for the Signature model.

Step 3: Architecture

Within 30 days of your site selection or lease execution, we move into architectural design of your school. Once the initial design is approved, the next 120 days we’ll focus on your architect’s working drawings for approval.

Step 4: Build

Boutique Model

15 – 21 Months

The build of our Boutique Model takes 15-21 months for the construction process.  This includes zoning permits, contractor engagement and building retrofit.


Signature Model

24 – 32 Months

The build of our Signature model takes 24 – 32 months for the construction process. This includes zoning permits, contractor engagement and build of a free-standing building.


6-8 Months Out

Bloom franchisee initial training

4-6 Months Out

Director hiring and training and pre-opening enrollment marketing

1-2 Months Out

Staff hiring

2 Weeks Out

Team onboarding and school furniture, fixtures, and equipment installation


30-45 Days

Grand opening festivities

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